Our Objective and Approach

Jaltech’s objective is to create a transparent, accessible and regulated investment environment for alternative investments, thereby, making alternative investments available to the wider investor market in an investment environment where compliance, regulations and investment management is at the core of the business.

This objective is achieved through the implementation of the highest level of compliance, anti-money laundering processes and gold standard investment management processes.

By implementing these key focus areas Jaltech has been able to design and offer market-leading investment products and services which provide its 2500+ retail investors with the means to build their alternative investment portfolios.

Our Track Record

Jaltech provides the South African market with a wide variety of alternative investments which to date included:

  • Solar
  • Private equity
  • Hospitality
  • Asset rental
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Private debt
  • Structured products

Within the solar sector, Jaltech’s Section 12B Solar Investments leads the section 12B investment market by having;

  • raised and committed over R365 million across 159 solar projects,
  • achieved an annual deployment percentage of 93% of investors’ capital
  • invested into solar projects which are on track to generate double-digit IRRs for investors
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0Funds under management:
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Our Track Record

Jaltech’s alternative investments division comprises of 13 Financial Sector Conduct Authority (FSCA) regulated FSPs spanning multiple alternative investments, including:

  • Private equity,
  • Hospitality,
  • Asset rental
  • Cryptocurrency
  • Private debt

Within the Section 12J asset class, Jaltech’s flagship fund Infinity Anchor Fund has year-on-year outperformed competing funds.

0Retail investors
0Funds under management
0Supporting financial advisors
0Investments under management

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