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Jaltech has developed a niche in the African market in assisting clients with establishing investment funds as well as managing their underlying investments.

The funds established generally provide synergies (or are joint ventures) with our clients’ businesses, provide high upside for investors and/or fulfil an investment exposure which will enhance our client’s investment portfolios.

In assisting clients, with establishing funds, Jaltech undertakes the following functions (amongst others):

  • Fund structuring
  • Fund formation – licensing, governance structures, regulatory requirements, entity registration, drafting MOIs etc
  • Facilitate the legal agreements for the fund
  • Administrating and managing the investments
  • Source and vetting opportunities
  • Raising finance

Jaltech’s team of financial consultants, have the internal expertise and experience to balance the cost, opportunities and risks against the desired performance of the fund in order to achieve the fund’s objective.

To date, Jaltech has assisted high net-worth individuals and companies with establishing funds.

The most recent fund formed by Jaltech, in partnership with a listed South African construction and mining contract company (Stefanutti Stocks Holdings Limited), is The JSS Empowerment Mining Fund.  The objective of the fund is to offer a funding solution for junior open cast mining companies in South Africa, which will directly benefit Investors and stimulate growth in the South African economy. In order to attract investments, the fund was established through a Section 12(J) vehicle which highly incentivises investors through a tax rebate on their investment.

For more details on The JSS Empowerment Mining Fund, please visit –

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