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Section 12J Exit: Section 42 roll-over relief vs Section 12B solar investment

A common tax question which we are currently being asked by exiting Section 12J investors is which option is more appropriate to mitigate the Section 12J exit tax, namely, an investment in:

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Countdown begins: 30 days left to invest in Jaltech’s Section 12B investment

With just 30 days left until Jaltech’s fourth Section 12B solar Investment closes, investors have a unique opportunity to secure a tax deduction of up to 187% in this fiscal year. A key highlight of the investment is that it aims to return up to 90% of the initial investment within the first year through significant tax deductions and investment cash flows.

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Section 12J Exit Options

For many South African taxpayers, the 30th of June 2021 marked the end of the highly popular Section 12J tax incentive.

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