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Section 12J Exit: Section 42 roll-over relief vs Section 12B solar investment

A common tax question which we are currently being asked by exiting Section 12J investors is which option is more appropriate to mitigate the Section 12J exit tax, namely, an investment in:

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Countdown begins: 30 days left to invest in Jaltech’s Section 12B investment

With just 30 days left until Jaltech’s fourth Section 12B solar Investment closes, investors have a unique opportunity to secure a tax deduction of up to 187% in this fiscal year. A key highlight of the investment is that it aims to return up to 90% of the initial investment within the first year through significant tax deductions and investment cash flows.

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Biznews Webinar: Section 12B Investing

Biznews Webinar Recap:

Jaltech unveils game-changing solar investment with 90% returns in first year

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Why businesses are turning to solar

In recent years, a transformative shift has occurred in the corporate world as an increasing number of businesses have significantly pivoted towards alternative energy sources. Solar energy has emerged as a prominent and favoured choice amongst the various options.

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How businesses are funding solar installations

The South African economy is grappling with continuous power outages and increasing energy tariffs. This turmoil has left businesses in complete disarray as many cannot keep their doors open unless they introduce an alternative energy source.

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SA’s first alternative investment report released

Jaltech, an alternatives investment specialist, undertook a recent survey aimed at understanding the alternatives investment market in South Africa and, in doing so, gathered data from over 1300 participants comprising individual investors and financial advisors. The survey focused on understanding the mindsets, trends, approaches and behaviours of individual investors and financial advisors towards alternative investments.

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Section 12B tax-deductible investment explained

Section 12B of the Income Tax Act was introduced in 2016 with the intention of incentivising the private market to invest in various sectors of the economy through a tax benefit, one of the focus areas being renewable energy.

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Jaltech launches its Tax-Deductible Solar Investment

Jaltech has launched its latest alternative investment which focuses at providing South African investors with exposure to the rapidly growing solar sector in South Africa. The investment combines the attractive long term, lower risk nature of solar investments with the addition of a large upfront tax benefit.

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