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Investors beware if you are not in smart offshore investment structures

Considering the disruptive influences of high inflation, high interest rates, increasing geopolitical tensions and a shift from monetary easing to tightening, numerous analysts believe that the markets may turn bearish soon or, at best, be choppy and move sideways for some time.

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Where should investors be investing?

The investment landscape has been in flux since 2020, as markets have expanded and contracted in response to quantitative easing, high inflation and the fastest and steepest interest rate hikes in history. Now, inflation is cooling, and stocks have had a great first half of the year, but the Fed is promising to keep rates “higher for longer” while many analysts are anticipating a recession. Continue Reading

SA’s first alternative investment report released

Jaltech, an alternatives investment specialist, undertook a recent survey aimed at understanding the alternatives investment market in South Africa and, in doing so, gathered data from over 1300 participants comprising individual investors and financial advisors. The survey focused on understanding the mindsets, trends, approaches and behaviours of individual investors and financial advisors towards alternative investments.

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Structured products combine risk management & upside exposure in unpredictable markets

Investors have had to deal with considerable uncertainty in financial markets lately.

This is largely a consequence of the pandemic, wild policy setting from central banks, constrained supply chains, volatile energy prices, a war in Europe, and decade-high inflation being fought by rapidly increasing interest rates.

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