One hour masterclass with Jaltech’s fund managers

Register for one of Jaltech’s one hour Section 12J investment workshops, which will focus on the key fundamentals of Section 12J Funds as well as an overview of the differentiators of the Jaltech funds.

The workshops will be held via MS Teams on:

  1. 30th of November at 11h00 and 14h00
  2. 3rd of December at 11h00
  3. 29th of January at 9h00 and 11h00
  4. 4th of February at 9h00 and 11h00

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The Agenda

Section 12J fundamentals

An overview of the fundamentals, regulatory environment and key decision drivers that will inform your selection of a Section 12J Fund.

Jaltech’s Funds

An overview of the 3 Jaltech Funds and their differentiators to similar funds in the market.

Performance review

A review of dividends paid and capital growth generated by the Infinity Anchor Fund and the Zimbali Capital Fund.

Introduction to Jaltech’s new Section 12J structured product

Jaltech will be launching a structured Section 12J investment which has a guaranteed exit and income stream within the underlying investments.

Underlying investment review

A review of the current portfolio of investments and a glimpse of potential future capital deployment opportunities.

2020/2021 fundraising overview

Jonty Sacks will map out the road ahead in the build-up to the Feb 2021 tax year-end.

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