Over the years, Jaltech has developed a strong reputation in the South African market as a Section 12J Venture Capital specialist. With over R500 million under management, Jaltech has deployed more than 80% of funds raised, becoming the market leader in Section 12J and providing sound investment products to the market.

Set out below are the three Section 12J investments which Jaltech is actively raising funding for.

Infinity Anchor Fund

Infinity Anchor Fund is an approved Section 12J Venture Capital Company and was established to cater for investors seeking a lower risk investment, yielding an attractive semi-annual dividend return with the added benefit of a tax credit on the amount invested.

Infinity Anchor Fund aims to provide investors with stable dividend income through investing in asset-backed rental SMEs (such as car and equipment rental companies) and similar businesses with contractual revenue streams.

Zimbali Capital

Zimbali Capital is a Shariah-compliant Section 12J Venture Capital Company which offers investors attractive property backed returns with the added benefit of receiving a tax credit of up to 45% on the investments amount.

Zimbali Capital is focused at leveraging off IFA Hotels & Resorts’ extensive property portfolio with the initial round of funds being invested in the hospitality development on the exclusive Zimbali Lakes Resort, called Boulevard Pads, with further rounds of investments in hospitality developments at Legend Golf & Safari Resort and de Zalze Lodge.

Aurik Capital

Aurik Capital invests in SMEs with R20 – R200 million in annual revenues. Aurik Capital’s pipeline of investments originates from Aurik Business Accelerator’s portfolio of businesses. Aurik Business Accelerator has a diversified portfolio of over 300 business owners and was founded by Pavlo Phitidis and Carien Engelbrecht.

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