Where should investors be investing?

The investment landscape has been in flux since 2020, as markets have expanded and contracted in response to quantitative easing, high inflation and the fastest and steepest interest rate hikes in history. Now, inflation is cooling, and stocks have had a great first half of the year, but the Fed is promising to keep rates “higher for longer” while many analysts are anticipating a recession.

With all of this uncertainty, where should investors be investing?

Jaltech believes that investors need diversified exposure to global markets during these turbulent times with some level of capital protection should a global recession or geo-political event cause markets to decline.

Jaltech’s answer to this question is in its latest offshore equities capital-protected investments, which provide investors with exposure to either multiple global indices or a select basket of leading technology companies. Both of these are wrapped in a tax-efficient structure and include capital protection based on certain clearly defined conditions.

Jaltech is currently offering investors two offshore investments, both of which have similar attributes, outlined below. For more information, register for one of Jaltech’s virtual launch events by clicking here.

Enhanced yields

Both investments return an annual yield of 15% if the underlying investments meet certain set-out criteria during the investment’s term.

Capital protection 

The investments have a layer of capital protection which will ensure that investors receive 100% of their capital back at the end of the investment term, provided:

  • They remain invested for the investment term;
  • The large financial institution remains solvent;
  • The underlying investments over a 5-year term don’t drop by more than 30% at the maturity of the investment.

Tax efficiency 

Investors will gain exposure to this investment through an endowment policy. The benefit to investors is that income generated from the investment in the endowment is taxed at 30% (versus the current highest marginal tax rate of 45% in the hands of an investor).

Jaltech’s offshore investments have three investment windows this year. These will occur during the first week of September, October, and November. For more information, register for one of Jaltech’s virtual launch events by clicking here or click here and complete the enquiry form, and a representative of Jaltech will contact you.

Jonty Sacks & Chris McCormick – Jaltech Fund Management

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